32 Week Bumpdate

We finished our three-part Birth Basics series this week. Lots of the content we already knew, but Max and I are on the same page regarding classes: if they offer even just a few new pieces of great information, it makes them worthwhile :) This last class concentrated on breathing during labor, pain coping techniques, and we ended with massage time courtesy of the daddys (hands down the best part!).

I'm keeping up with my prenatal yoga, which will hopefully help come delivery time as well! We'll do an intense one-day Birth Journey class next month and in the meantime I ordered a visualizations and affirmations audio CD. I'm sure I'm supposed to be listening to it on the couch at home, however when it arrived in the mail I was so excited that I popped it in my car's CD player for my ride to school. Big mistake - all the peaceful instrumental music almost made me fall asleep! The CD should come with some sort of warning to not be played in the car!

Max took off to chilly D.C. this week for a business trip, and before leaving in the morning he rubbed my tummy to say good-bye to baby. Baby kicked back and so daddy pushed again and they had a little game. It was darling!

One of my coworkers brought a tuna sandwich for lunch this week. Upon seeing it I had to have one. I seriously went to the grocery store on my way home so I could make one right away. Tuna is unfortunately on the "limit" list for preggers because of the high mercury content, so I had to pace myself at just two sandwiches over the next two days. Had tuna not been on the list, I'd probably be having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 


  1. your little bump is so cute!! can't wait to see if baby klein is a boy or girl. :)

  2. Haha... Love the tuna sandwich shout out! You are too cute!


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