It's Heart Day!

Max calls Valentine's Day my favorite holiday, and it's so true! I've always loved celebrating the day of hearts and pink and flowers - even in my single bachelorette days! It's even more special now having the love of my life to do sweet things for (and I can't believe I'll have another Valentine to spoil next year!!). 

I always like buying a few cards to give to Max throughout the week. This year it was extra hard to choose them as every time I tried, my pregnancy hormones would take over and I would start crying so hard I couldn't even finish reading the passages. I'm sure I got some crazy looks. I ended up purchasing a few some weeks ago and, again being pregnant, I completely forgot where I put them. As in I searched for days and came up with nada. So I decided to fashion a couple cards on my own! I stole the ideas from the Real Simple magazine my mom left here when she visited earlier this month:

Cute, no? Go figure that immediately after I finished them I found my stash of Valentine cards. Oh, pregnancy brain. 

I also love incorporating Valentine happiness into the week. Fettucini Alfredo with shrimp: 

A special greeting in husby's car for his ride to work: 

I had this basket ready for Max's Valentine's Eve arrival home from work last night. He was supposed to arrive to cold beers which he could enjoy with dinner. I made a special trip to find Ovila (one of Max's favorites) since our local supermarkets had stopped stocking it. If you've never had it, it's worth a try! Ovila is made by monks and comes with a super fancy champagne cork which just makes it seem even more festive!

Unfortunately, I got the call that husby had to work late. "Work late" usually means there is a task that needs to be done, or something that needs to be fixed and working before he can leave. Sometimes this happens quickly, and Max is back by seven or eight. Last night he was not so lucky and instead arrived home at 11:30pm to warm beers. Poor husby. The beer is now chilling in the refrigerator for another time. 

I had one last little something that Max found on his pillow :)

Happy February 14th! 

P.S. More Valentine fun from years past here, here and here


  1. Those cards are so cute! I'll have to remember to do something like that! Sounds like you know how to make your Valentine feel special!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while and I have enjoyed reading it. I absolutely love these Valentine's Day cards. So incredibly cute!


    PS - I have a blog too!


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