The Home Stretch!

Eight Months

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +29

Maternity Clothes: I’ve already outgrown some of my maternity clothes. Hrmph. My newest find: wearing husby’s t-shirts and boxers to bed.  

Cravings: Tuna sandwiches, red grapes, salt and vinegar potato chips and vanilla steamers. Most recently, I made a special trip to the grocery store just to get supplies for banana chocolate chip bread, which is currently baking in the oven!

Movement: Baby gets the hiccups almost every day now! I'm also getting kicked occasionally in the ribs, ouch! 

Aversions: No but I'm still getting bouts of nausea, especially if I’m overheated. Luckily it's winter and I can adjust by taking off layers. How happy am I that I’m avoiding summer in the desert while pregnant?!?

Symptoms: Back pain and fatigue!  

What I Miss: Being able to sit, stand, sleep, drive and basically just function comfortably. Max and I tried watching a movie in our theatre last night and I must have adjusted myself two dozen times to try to get to a place that wasn't painful. I'm also randomly missing poached eggs with super runny middles (no raw anything for preggers). 

Best Moment: Having both of our moms come out to visit and my Arizona and school baby showers. Baby Klein is one lucky lil’ bean!  

What I'm Looking Forward To: More nesting, and our final two classes to prepare for baby!  Also from here on out: weekly doctor's appointments! 

My how baby (and mamma) have grown!! 

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  1. the bump is so cute! i can't wait to read the post that announces whether baby klein is a boy or girl!


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