Our Petite Valentine Dinners

Not long after moving to Arizona, Max and I discovered Petite Maison, the super sweet and tiny French restaurant where we have now celebrated every single Valentine's Day as husband and wife. I just love traditions! I'm very aware that this might be the last year, as next year's Valentine's Day will also bring with it an almost one-year old who won't exactly be French restaurant friendly. Perhaps we will come up with a new tradition at that point! Until then, here's a walk down memory lane...

(Last Year) Valentine's Day 2012
We dined outside on Petite Maison's darling patio. They had space heaters on and even offered big blankets, which I didn't need since this is the desert. 

The patio was super cute and romantic, and covered with twinkly lights. Max even wore pink for me :)

 I love a soufflĂ© 

Valentine's Day 2011
There was a bit of a risk for rain this year (shocking for the desert!) so we dined in the charming inside. Max surprised me with the reservation this year after telling me that he couldn't get a table. He's a sneaky one! 

Valentine's Day 2010 (our first as husband and wife!)
I'm surprised I don't have more photos from this one! I was able to find this picture taken with my old iPhone. Max and I were newlyweds and dined on Petite Maison's sweet patio. The restaurant served Beef Wellington this year, so I had my first taste of foie gras. 

Each year, the restaurant has done a special fixed menu. This year, they are mixing it up by doing an aphrodisiac menu! I think it's so whimsical and clever!

Being eight month preggers, I know I'm even more excited about the dinner deliciousness this year! 

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  1. That is such a "tasty" tradition! Sounds like the menu is pretty fun too! :)


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