You Know You're A Teacher When...

I love, love reading teaching blogs. Max calls my job my hobby for a reason, I guess ; ) Anyway, The Inspired Apple is my new favorite, and I'm linking up for: You Know You're A First Grade Teacher When...

*You do art projects almost every single day.

*You have conversations like this:
Student: Mrs. Klein, do you have any small children at home?
Me: No, just a fish.
Student: But you're married to Dr. Klein.
Me: Yes.
Student (clearly confused): You see, this is how it works. You get married, then some months later you get a newborn baby.
Me: Ummmm....

*Birthdays involve crowns and cupcakes (as they always should).

*You're 5'4'' and you feel like a giant because the classroom chairs are just that small.

*It's normal to field comments about Great Uncle Bob or trips to California while trying to teach math.

*You get "visits" from the gingerbread man and the leprechaun.

*While trying to lead the class in scraping off frosting on Oreos to represent phases of the moon, you run into problems because so many of them are missing their front teeth.

*You get complimented everyday for being "pretty" ; )


  1. Love this post and your deserts! :)

  2. Omiword, those leprechauns caused *12 kinds* of drama in my room, too!!! We're STILL talking about him and wondering if he'll return!!!!

  3. Love it! My students ask me everyday when I'm going to have a baby! At least the ones that don't already assume that I have 3 kids at home! And yay for oreo moon phases! We did ours w/ Nilla wafers and icing but oreos are way tastier!

  4. he calls your job a hobby? :-(

  5. Hobby in the cutest sense of the word : ) Lots of my free time goes to making/creating things for the classroom and the kids, as does my spending money ; )


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