Back Again!

So I was unloading groceries in the kitchen after school today and noticed a shadow moving through our den window. Who was it? Oh, just our friends the bobcats. The first photo I caught was with my iPhone:

Then I ran to get my point and shoot, which didn't do much more for the photos as they were taken through the window and into the direct sunlight. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use Max's SLR. Every time I try to learn, it's just too heavy for me to hold! But here are the photos I did manage to snap...

The bobcats seem to like the patio furniture. I think it's the bobcat equivalent to those indoor cat houses:

Cute lil' guy:

Check out those ears!


Model pose:

And ready to play:

It was so sweet to watch them:

Until I realized that they were practicing pouncing. You know, for sneaking up and eating things. Should I be worried?

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