I'm loving french press coffee. Normally, I'm way too rushed on weekdays to make and enjoy it, but it's Spring Break week here (yayee!) and even though I'm spending it catching up on life (and laundry, and cleaning etc.) it's soooo nice to have that time : )

I'm loving our new iPad 2! Apple.com still shows a 3-4 week wait for them, but my husband being the problem solver that he is shopped around different stores in the area last week and picked up the very last one at a Phoenix Best Buy. He already has it rigged up with our lighting and sound so we're using it to turn the lights and speakers on and off, kind of like a really big remote control that we can also watch movies on ; )

I'm loving these little guys: baby Dr. Peppers. Regular ones are just too much soda for me, and besides, I enjoy feeling like a giant when I drink them:

I'm loving that tonight we'll find out who is the Top Chef All-Star!! I'm hoping it's Richard Blais, the chef who uses cool things like liquid nitrogen and MRE bags. He reminds me a bit of my husband, as I can see Max whipping out stuff like that if he were a chef ; )

Finally, I'm loving that I get to pay my hubby a work-day visit today : ) Happy Wednesday!


  1. I adore your pink French press!!! We have the same one in Lime Green which matches our kitchen utensils/mixing bowls etc but I love the girliness of yours!! Enjoy your spring break!!

  2. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday! I would love to have a french press!


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