Happy March to Me : )

It's always tough to get bad news, but it's even more difficult when your spouse is out of the country. Yesterday I found out that my school district is adopting new rules this year, and my temporary teaching position can't be protected. That means it will be listed in this year's draft where anyone who has a permanent contract can snatch it up. There is a chance that no one will take it, but more than likely, in May I will have to pack up my third classroom in three years (third classroom and third different grade level no less!).

I am so lucky and so grateful to have been given two different jobs in Arizona (teaching jobs are hard to come by right now) so I really can't complain too much. I suppose I was a wee bit spoiled in California being able to stay in the same classroom and with the same grade level for four years. Still, the news got me down. After eating a whole bowl of brownie batter, I looked for something with less calories to cheer myself up and I found these:

They're iPhone cases from an Etsy seller named Dani Notes. I smiled just looking at them so I ordered one in a navy print with a kiwi green monogram. I already received my proof:

Cute, no? I love the way the monogram turned out - it's still so much fun seeing my married name. I can't wait for it to come! I'm feeling better already : )


  1. Things happen for a reason! (and any school district would be lucky to have you!)

    sending good vibes (and loving the monogram!)

  2. ps - i totally feel you on the brownie batter...

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Good luck with keeping your classroom this year. 3 rooms in as many years does not sound like fun! I hope everything works out!


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