Office Progress

Before Max headed off to the U.K., we made an Ikea trip for some new furniture for the office. Pepper was full of boxes:

Max put most of it together but I was the happy helper : )

It's so cute watching Max work. He's ├╝ber methodical. When I tackle a project, I kind of just open things as I go. My husband thinks everything out. It must be the engineer in him : )

And here are the "Alex" drawers all put together:

Max will need them all for his, um, equipment. When we call the room the "office" it's a bit of a euphemism as the room will be more like a lab/equipment room. More pictures to come as Max moves in more of his things - which right now are taking up an entire other room!


  1. I identify totally with the way you love watching him work. And yes, it is definitely the engineer in him...he has done it that way since the beginning of time. He just can't do it any other way. As Judy says "He just can't help himself" ! :) Love you both so much...

  2. what did you use for top of this? how did you attach them together?


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