Happy Friday!

Technically it's still winter, however you'd never know with our weather right now:

Things I'm looking forward to today:

1. Not sitting in glue. That's right, I sat in glue yesterday. Wet glue. Sigh. The good: It was towards the end of the day. The bad: The glue was wet. The ugly: There were cut up toothpicks in the glue (representing the spikes on the saguaro cactus) so those stuck to my bum too : (

2. Getting my second new Starbucks cup. I was a bit wary of my first:
I don't like change but I'm trying to embrace it.

3. Picking up my hubby at PHX! I like to park and go in so I can be right at the International gate when he walks through. Cheesy, I know : )

Happy Weekend!

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