3 New Releases for Your September

I just love a new release! The anticipation of a new story (especially if it's a familiar author), waiting to see what the reviews and reactions will be... here are three recent releases, perfect for your September! 

The Breakdown is the second novel from B.A. Paris. It centers on Cass, a woman who passes a stalled car late one rainy night on a deserted, windy, road - and wakes up to find that the woman had been murdered. Rattled with guilt for not helping, she slowly goes a bit crazy. Just like Behind Closed Doors (the first novel by B.A. Paris), it's a thrilling page-turner (like, literally, you won't be able to put it down).    There were a few scenarios that seemed a bit contrived toward the end in an attempt to make the plot work, but that was my only critique. If you’ve read Behind Closed Doors, you’ll figure out the twist pretty early on, but it's still a phenomenal read. 

The Lying Game is Ruth Ware's newest release (remember The Woman in Cabin 10??). I preferred the actual story of The Woman in Cabin 10 (the unique setting on the cruise ship in the fjords and how it threw together a bunch of strangers),  but The Lying Game is still just as engaging and gripping, and offers a unique setting of its own (a boarding school in coastal England) plus lots of flashbacks from the students who went there. It's another thriller/page turner (I may have had to stay up super late in bed to finish it because I was too scared to put it down mid-story and try to sleep!).

Finally, I picked up the debut novel from Alisyn Camerota. And yes, it was solely because of this cover title J  In real life, the author co-anchors CNN’s morning show and has clocked in over 15 years at FOX News. It’s evident that her book, about a news anchor for “FAIR News”, is loosely based on her experiences at FOX. It was a needed break from the above psychological thrillers! If you liked The Devil Wears Prada and are wanting to read a bit more about behind the scenes in broadcast journalism and your favorite morning shows, pick up Amanda Wakes Up.

Happy reading! 


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm always looking for new books to add to the list!

  2. Ohhhh, I love hearing what people think of a book and not just a mini summary! You had me at The Devil Wears Prada! ;)

  3. I have requested Ruth Ware's work and am waiting for the library to tell me it's my turn. She is a hot commodity nowadays and it's hard to get her books.

    1. I did that one as a library score, too!! I actually was the one who made the recommendation to them months ago (does your library do this, too?) so I was the first to get it!!

  4. Hello! I've loved checking out your blog recently! I so love reading, so I'm very excited to check out your recommendations!

  5. I just finished reading "Behind Closed Doors"! Oh my goodness. I'm interested to read her new one. I've seen "The Lying Game" and am eager to get my hands on it. Hopefully it's as good as her other one. It's probably a good thing I have to wait to read those books though, because once I start reading I'm useless and I ignore my motherly duties completely. Whoops.


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