Back to School!

Happy Back-to-School! 

Parker returned to his play-based, nature focused preschool on Monday, now attending five days a week (!) from 8:30am-11:30am. We just adore the stimulating environment, celebration of diversity, opportunities for enrichment (Mandarin, Spanish, music, art) and the fabulous 21 acre campus with gardens, creeks, forests and (Parker's favorite) the goats! 

Though little man was academically ready for kindergarten this year, he really needed another year to socially and emotionally prepare (plus, he won't turn five until March so his birthday most definitely did not make the cut anyway). Returning to the same place (with the same teacher!) I think will be so beneficial to him!

We visited last week to deliver supplies, check out his cubby and bring in a new pair of rain boots (one of my favorite things about the school - they wear these when visiting the creek or playing in the rain!). 

Back-to-School Questions

1. How old are you? 
Nine thousand years old.
(Or, you know, four.)

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
What Dada is.
What does Dada do?
I would like to be an engineer too. I want to be a Ph.D. like Dada.
What do you want your Ph.D. to be in?

3. What's your favorite color?
Orange but it's red now because I've been seeing a lot of red like on Moana on the voyagers boat.

4. What's your favorite food?

5. What's your favorite book?
Dr. Seuss.

6. What do you like best about school?
Playing outside.

7. What do you like doing with Mama?
Play with you!

8. What do you like doing with Dada?
I like when he tries to block the basketball hoop. 

9. What's your favorite movie?

10. What is your favorite thing to wear?
My baseball jerseys.

This sweet guy has had such a wonderful first week of preschool! Here's to a fabulous school year!


  1. Nine thousand years old! Oh, he is just so cute! And it sounds like you have a VERY smart boy on your hands, too. I have no doubt that he will get his Ph.D. in Aerospace if that's what he wants to do!

  2. Oh my gosh, he is the cutest!! So he and Connor will start Kindergarten together next Fall. YAY!!

  3. Okay, how amazing is that school??! I have loved my boys' preschool, but holy moly, if we'd had a school like that as an option! Amazing!!

  4. He is just too cute and so were all of his answers.❤️ What a fun idea.


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