Friday Five

My favorite find of the week? This brand new floral company! I've been following Old Frond via Instagram for awhile now, so I was stoked to be at her storefront grand opening in Huntsville this week.

I picked out this amnesia rose, plus some lisianthus, ranunculus, and spray roses.


After a summer of pool water and sandals, my feet were in desperate need of some TLC - enter this miracle worker! It's actually a Bath & Body Works item, but I ordered it here via Amazon because #freeshipping. 

Did y'all catch the solar eclipse on Monday? We knew we'd be at 97% in Huntsville, and I was really surprised by how light it actually stayed for the sun being mostly covered. Don't get me wrong - it looked like twilight and the cicadas even started their nighttime singing, but we didn't get that wow-factor of the corona ring when the moon fully eclipses the sun. Lesson learned - the path of totality is where it's at. 

I halfway wish we had made the couple hour drive up to see the eclipse in totality, but for Parker and me, stepping out to the backyard to view it and coming back in for a nap (and not fighting traffic) worked perfectly (though Parker is already asking to see the complete eclipse where it gets dark, dark, dark in 2024).

The most exciting part of the week? Husby snagging me last minute tickets to California so I could fly across the country to meet my new niece! Pssst, I'm still using the faux leather backpack I purchased last year for flying. It holds everything I need, and I love having my hands free - you know, so I can carry my coffee and my mobile boarding pass at the same time ;)

I got lucky with an open seat next to me on my way to my connection at DFW. Add in a cappuccino and a good book, and it was downright luxurious for this mama! (And yes, I totally purchased this book just for the cover title.)

Meeting my newborn niece!

She's perfect, right? I may have gone way overboard on the photographing while I was visiting. She didn't seem to mind. 

Taylor Swift's new single dropped last night! Thoughts on her new edgy persona? I'll love her no matter what, and I thought the new tune was so catchy. Counting the days until the album release in November!

P.S. Come back tomorrow when I'll be the featured blogger over at Whimsical September!

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  1. Happy Friday! That floral shop looks so cute. I was surprised too with how light it stayed during the eclipse. That's so nice of your hubby to get you tickets to Cali. Your niece is adorable! Beautifully Candid

    1. Awww, thank you! I'm soaking up all the newborn love I can! #auntielife As for the eclipse, Parker legit almost started crying when I told him that was it. He was like "It was supposed to be like NIGHT, Mama!" lol

  2. Congrats on your new niece! I'm waiting on mine...any day now! My #5 today is the same as yours haha. I can't stop listening to her song - I love it! Stopping over from the linkup and hope you can hop over to my blog too! Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE Tay-Tay and I love the new song! I can't wait to hear more!

  4. I'm still on the fence about Taylor's new song! I'm sure once the radio plays it over and over again then I'll really start liking it haha! I saw on IG from one of my high school friends that she went to that same floral shop, too. I had no idea it opened in Huntsville!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Happy Weekend and congrats on the feature! I totally need to do something with my feet. I was noticing them the other day and thinking this is completely unacceptable. Yay for meeting your new niece and getting to see the eclipse. Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Love the flower photos, they're beautiful shots.

  7. As of right now I am not a big fan of the new Taylor song, but you never know it might grow on me! Also I laughed out loud at the eclipse joke! haha :)


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