Taco Tuesday - Dinner in 30!

Have you ever found yourself, 5pm at the grocery store, basket in hand but no ideas for dinner? I've got you covered! You can have dinner on the table by six! (Unless you live ridiculously far away from the grocery store, in which case maybe you'll be eating by 6:20). Anyway, here's what you do...

Hightail it to the produce section and put an onion, two tomatoes, some garlic and a pepper in your basket (a jalapeño would work, I had a mystery pepper already on hand from our CSA box). If you're feeling festive, throw in some cilantro. Next, swing by the canned goods for some black beans and flour tortillas, then head to the dairy section for some shredded cheese (or, if you're like me, you have some in the fridge. Growing up my mom always grated a big block from Costco and kept it in baggies - I think it tastes better, too!).

Finally, you'll need a rotisserie chicken. Save this for last because you don't want to lug that thing around the market while you're getting everything else. Check-out (hopefully you have your wallet. Have I told you about the time I had $200 worth of groceries and no wallet? Not fun! Luckily my husby was at home and I was at the closest grocery store, so he came to my rescue. I still might have shed some tears to the cashier!) and head home. Can you do this by 5:30? Good, we'll start counting at 5:30...

5:30-5:35: Walk in the kitchen, drop your groceries on the counter, turn your oven broiler on high to pre-heat, and start dicing! You'll want to dice the tomatoes and onion, and mince the pepper and garlic. Mix everything in a bowl and toss with a couple swirls of olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Place mixture in a 9x12 baking dish.

5:35-5:40: Place baking dish in oven, and get started on the rotisserie chicken. Remove all the meat and shred into a big bowl. 

5:40-5:42: Remove pan, stir around the veggies and add chicken. 

5:42-5:47: Place dish back in broiler and prep beans (heat in a pan on stove and place into a bowl or dish). 

5:47-5:50: Remove the baking dish once again from the oven (the veggies should all be nice and soft and the chicken hot). Sprinkle a few handfuls of cheese on the top and put back in the broiler. 

5:50-5:55: Set the table, put out the beans, then finally take the baking dish out of the oven. 

5:55-6:00: Warm the flour tortillas and stuff with the chicken mixture. Sprinkle with cilantro. Place on a platter then put on the table. 

6:00pm: Bon Appétit! 
Except, these are tacos. So, Buen Provecho :)

Oven Broiled Chicken Tacos

1 onion 
2 tomatoes 
3-4 cloves garlic 
1 jalapeño pepper
2 tbs. olive oil
rotisserie chicken (meat removed and shredded)
2 cups shredded cheese (I used a cheddar/jack blend)

For Serving: Cilantro, Flour Tortillas, one can black beans

Pre-heat oven broiler. Dice and mix the first four ingredients. Toss in a bowl with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Press into a 9x12 baking dish and broil five minutes. Remove from oven, stir, and add rotisserie chicken (use your judgement - I had a ginormous chicken so I didn't put all the meat in the dish). Put mixture back in oven for another five minutes (prep beans at this point of desired). Remove dish again and add cheese to the top. Broil another five minutes. Stuff mixture into warmed flour tortillas and sprinkle with cilantro. Serve immediately because the mixture will turn the tortillas soggy if left too long. Pat yourself on the back for getting dinner on the table in a half hour! 


  1. We're all about quick dinners - this is great!

  2. This recipe sounds so good and easy! I can't tell you the # of times that I've stood in the grocery store after work trying to figure out what I can cook real quick for dinner that will take 2 seconds to shop for... this recipe is perfect for that type of day.

  3. This looks great and so easy!! I want to try it soon!


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