Manicure Monday - Autumn Colors

Our temperatures here in Alabama are dipping and I couldn't be happier. Cool mornings? Yes! Orange and gold leaves? Yes! Here are the essie colors I'm loving with the season change...

in the lobby is a new 2015 fall color that is dark, yet packs color, and is oh-so-fall. licorice has been a long time fave for this time of year, especially on Halloween! And finally, leggy legend, can I tell you that I've been stopped while out-and-about to be asked about this color? It's also a new color for this fall, and it just might be my go-to this year. It's a metallic shade, so it's super forgiving while doing an at-home mani, and the color just goes with everything! It's less orange-y when applied, and almost seems to change depending on what you're wearing (or holding, as in the photo below, ha!).

And how cute is the leggy legend polish bundled in a little autumn gift pack? Perfect for a special teacher or babysitter!

Happy Manicure Monday!


  1. That Leggy Legend is on my must-have list but I haven't been able to find it anywhere yet! I'm on a mission to get it ASAP though...

    1. I put a link in the post where it's available at Nordstrom with free shipping! Score!

  2. I love these! I always stick to my usuals, but I am going to try Leggy Legend! It's so cute!

  3. Love licorice for fall going to be on the lookout for the others!!


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