Friday Five

OMG, y'all. These. Pajams. I was excited when I ordered them for Parker, but it's a whole new level of cuteness once they are on! Bonus, they are glow-in-the-dark! Trust me, your little one needs a pair.

Toddler Halloween Pajams

I mentioned my Triple Sec purchase awhile back, and my ho-hum opinion of it. Well, after a few weeks, I realized why I wasn't loving it. I had gotten the impression from other reviews that this was a replacement for a dry shampoo. And for some gals, maybe it is. For me, I need a true dry shampoo if I'm working with day old (or two day old!) hair. When I used this as a dry shampoo, it made a hot sticky mess. I did discover that the Triple Sec is an amazing refresher/booster, though! I have officially moved to the love, love, love camp.
We had a cool, rainy Monday morning here in Alabama this week so we busted out our rain boots. Mine of course fit, but lucky Parker, his were too small which means he needs a new pair! I splurged last year and purchased him his first pair of baby Hunters. Y'all, I don't even own Hunter rain boots. But these were so classic and adorable, I know he had to have them (plus, rainy Alabama gave him plenty of opportunities to wear them). Flash forward to this week - Parker was wearing them out and started saying that his toes hurt and that the boots were too small! I explained that his feet had grown, and he would beed a bigger pair. He then whispered Yellow rain boots? And my heart just melted. All day, sweet guy kept talking about yellow rain boots. And wouldn't you know, for some reason his size is impossible to find in the yellow Hunters! I've searched all the obvious online stores, plus the UK ones, and husby has scoured eBay. I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday on the phone and on hold with any store in the area I thought might carry them, and it's like someone went out there and purchased every UK Size 6 yellow Hunter toddler boot in existence! Gah! But this Mamma is bound and determined to find them!
You know I can't get enough of my beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I've been blogging about them since 2009! That's dedication, yo. But Pumpkin Spice M&Ms? I just can't wrap my head around this. Every time I see them at Target, I internally say No, Thank You. I imagine they are like eating a candy covered Bath & Body Works candle. Is there anyone with me on this one?? I mean, look at the picture of the poor M&M on the packaging! That says it all right there ;)

Speaking of pumpkins, we scored one in this week's CSA box! Plus, my favorite fall squash, Delicata Squash! If you haven't cooked with these before, definitely be on the lookout for them this season. The skin is very thin (you can actually eat it) so they are much easier to handle and prepare than, say, a Butternut Squash. The taste is super creamy and rich, and I love them just simply roasted with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. I guess you'll know where to find me this weekend - in the kitchen! 

Happy Friday!


  1. I hope you find yellow rain boots for Parker! (You've got to.:) & I can't bring myself to try the PS M&Ms either- gross!!

  2. I am dying to get our 3 year old Hunters, too!! I want to get something I can save for our 4 month old girl, though....they're an investment! Haha!! I got glow-in-the-dark pajamas for Cam last year, and I though it would scare him, but he wore them until they no longer fit because he LOVES them! It was like a game every night to "light up" his pajamas then turn off the light! These boys are too cute!!

  3. I don't think I could do PS M&Ms :-D.
    We have a shirt similar to those jammies. Very cute.

  4. In love with those PJ's - so cute and perfect for the season!! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  5. Those pajamas! Love!!!
    Morgan |

  6. We got a delicata squash this week - and I have never had one before! I'm excited to cook it now that I know what to do with it ;) And pumpkin spice M&Ms - I saw them at target as well and I do not think they are a good idea either. They just dont sound good.


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