On the Market

Our house is officially on the market!

March marked four years that we had been in the house. Although we had done tons of renovations, we had even more that were half-done, not to mention rooms that we had never furnished. So before we could actually list the house (which we wanted to do as soon as possible), we had some work to do. We set up an appointment for professional photos to be taken on a Wednesday at 11:45am, and we needed every last second of the time we had to prep the house to look its best. This included finishing house projects (installing baseboards, staining the banister, fixing holes in the ceiling from a roof leak that was already fixed - luckily we had a handy-man crew to help with lots of this), general cleaning, and the staging of furniture-less rooms. In fact, at seven o'clock the evening before pictures, you could find us at Pier 1 asking about which pieces of furniture from their show floor we could take home. Parker really liked this puff, but it didn't make the cut.

I was also eyeing these guys at Target the day before pictures. 

And wouldn't you know, the morning of, I was back there picking out a jute rug and snagging $5 pillows. I was literally the first person in the door at 8am.

All that, so when the photographer walked in the house, he could snap this: 

The room looked nothing like this the week before. I wish we had "before" shots but we were way too busy to think of it. 

And gone was Max's bachelor furniture from the formal sitting area! It's now my favorite room. 

To continue on the house tour, you could make a left and pass the laundry room:

And then head to the master (we didn't do anything special to these rooms): 

Though the master bath did get a little sprucing up. 

Heading back to the main area on the first floor you'll find our den and kitchen. 

Hi, fish tank! This was a project that was started before we moved in and finished just a couple months ago. 

Oh yeah, we were without a faucet less than an hour before official photos were taken. Why? We wanted to replace our ginormous turquoise island with a granite one. We thought this was going to happen the Monday before pictures and it ended up happening the day of. Max had to re-install the faucet after the granite guy left (and I think Max was still installing when the photographer rang the doorbell!).

Breakfast Nook: 

Upstairs we have two full baths (this one has desert views of Pinnacle Peak mountain).

Our Guest Room:

Parker's Nursery:

My Craft Room (which doubles as a second Guest Room): 

The theatre room: 

Max's Office:

One of my very favorite things about our house is that it sits on almost an acre. Our lot extends beyond the backyard fence which gives us lots of privacy. 

It's sad that we won't be here to finish renovating (we had big plans for our kitchen) and even more sad that we are leaving the only the house Parker knows - the house where we brought him home from the hospital, the house where he sat in his highchair and tried his first solid foods, the house where he learned to walk. At least Parker is taking a little bit of Arizona with him - Scottsdale will forever be his place of birth and I love that he'll be able to write that on documents for the rest of his life. 

On another note, if you know anyone looking to move into a 5 bed, 3.5 bath, two-story house in Scottsdale on .82 acres, let me know! ; )

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