National Donut Day

Last Friday was National Donut Day. I actually had not ever even heard of the day until I woke up that morning and read about it online (apparently it falls on the first Friday in June every year). Mid-morning after I put Parker down from his nap, I decided I wanted to celebrate in the festivities! I had a mini-donut pan I purchased years ago that had yet to be used, so I set out on Pinterest to look for a recipe.

I soon realized that I had no buttermilk, or vinegar to make buttermilk from regular milk. I then realized I was just completely out of regular cow's milk as Parker had had the last of it at breakfast. Finally, I came across a recipe for baked mini donuts that used almond milk, which we actually had. Score!

I followed the step-by-step instructions found here on the Granny Girls blog. You can make these donuts completely vegan using almond milk and a butter substitute, but I just used the real butter we had in the fridge. The Granny Girls somehow yielded 30+ mini donuts from their recipe. I think they were using Barbie-sized pans because I only got eleven, I couldn't even fill the twelfth spot to finish my pan! (Pictured are nine because, um, I had to sample two.) I was actually really surprised at how perfect they came out!

After they cooled, it was time to decorate! I followed the website and made a glaze of almond milk and powdered sugar, and made rainbow sprinkle donuts. Then I added cocoa powder to the glaze to make a chocolate frosting and added chocolate sprinkles. Finally, I did a cinnamon sugar donut by dipping in melted butter and rolling in cinnamon and sugar. Parker woke up just as I was finishing.

 Later that day, Parker got to try his very first donut! So appropriate, on National Donut Day!

He really liked looking at the rainbow sprinkles.

Little man finished the entire cinnamon sugar donut!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the donut baking was, and how beautiful they turned out! I'll definitely be making them again!

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