Date Night @ Petite Maison!

Earlier this month, Max and I left Parker with a babysitter for the very first time! We've left him with family before, but this was the first time someone other than family has watched him. The evening went smoothly at home and we loved coming home to cute stories about Parker, who was fast asleep. But what we were really excited about, of course, was a fancy dinner out. A dinner where we weren't wielding baby spoons and bibs, a dinner where we weren't scooping sippy cups off the floor, a dinner where we didn't have to inhale our food while attending to our pint sized man. Not that we don't love our meals with Parker; we love our meals with our one-year-old. But having just one dinner where we could leisurely enjoy each course, stare at each other, talk about whatever we wanted, and actually taste and enjoy our food - amazing! 

We went to Petite Maison, my favorite Scottsdale choice for a delicious meal out (sadly this might have been our last time there before we move to Alabama!). We drove in Sandy with the top down to dinner - so odd to think that just one year ago, driving on a date night in Max's salvaged Carrera was just a pipe dream! 

We dined on the patio and started with:

escargots, wagyu bone marrow, white anchovy, mint chimmi churri

 I ordered:
sea scallops, english peas, corn pudding, popcorn shoots, tatsoi

Max had: 
lobster gnocchi, poached lobster, english peas, asparagus, crème fraiche

My handsome date:

You might notice that the lobster gnocchi is missing from Max's plate of Lobster Gnocchi, ha! When the kitchen realized their mistake, they sent out the gnocchi for his plate, plus sent us a complimentary bonus course: 

 hudson valley foie gras, peach confit, almonds, golden raisins, brioche 

I don't think we've ever gone to Petite Maison without ordering the soufflé. It's always changing and always a must. 

caramelized milk soufflé, chocolate and peanut butter anglaise 

Though we went at the end of spring, most of the items we ordered are from their current summer menu. If you ever find yourself in Scottsdale, definitely make the trip to Old Town for a yummy meal at Petite Maison! 

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  1. I love how well presented the food is on the plates! Looks like something you would see featured in a magazine. And that souffle cake looks amazing. Glad you guys had such a fun date night!


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