PCK 14/15 Months

Our sweet Parker Campbell Klein is fifteen months old! His Omi was in town for his fifteen month check-up last week, where we learned little man is now 31.5 inches tall and just shy of 21 pounds! Here's what's been happening the past couple months...

Hair: What a mop head! Lots of crazy curls in the back now, we think it’s finally time for little man’s first haircut!

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: Some 12-month and mostly 18-month now

Health: Working on our molars! Teething central over here. Tons. Of. Drool.

Sleep: Though we have had some naptime disruptions due to teething, Parker is still an incredible sleeper. I think he needs his sleep since he is constantly moving for the entire time he is awake! Parker still sleeps 11ish hours every night, and takes a morning and afternoon nap. Parker always goes down really easily – little man loves his sleep!

Diet: Parker stopped nursing soon after he turned 13 months old. He was down to just one nursing a day, and was already enjoying cow’s milk from a sippy cup so the transition was very easy and natural for him. Parker is loving his cow’s milk, and drinks it with all three meals. Parker tried lasagna at fourteen months and it became his real first word! He is too cute when he says it! It sounds something like layala. Other favorite foods over the past couple months have been blackberries, green peas, bagels with cream cheese, yogurt, blueberry muffins, freeze dried corn kernels, and whatever is on mommy or daddy’s plate (most recently salmon arugula salad).

Likes: Parker points to the Exit signs above doors whenever we are out. He loves identifying them and Dada is working on teaching Parker the letters. Parker is also obsessed with the gorilla in his picture dictionary and “rilla” became his second real word. He will open the dictionary, point to the picture and say “rilla!” Parker continues to love books, both being read to and “reading” them on his own. He is happy when he can walk all around, and usually can be found emptying all his toys from their bins and carrying them around, or chasing balls around the house. He enjoys walking while shaking his maracas, and "roughhousing". Parker loves balloons and points to them excitedly whenever we see them (usually at the grocery store), and still loooves swimming and the water.

Social: Parker is a curious little fella! After he turned thirteen months, he started wanting to know the names of everything he saw. He points and says “dat”, over and over. As a parent it’s so incredible to see him wanting to know more about the world around him! We happily identify and describe everything he asks about. He especially loves pointing to clocks, ceiling fans and stop signs (real and in books). Parker can also point to many of his favorite items when prompted (e.g. “Parker, where’s the clock?” or “Parker, where’s Dada?”). He loves raising his hands above his head when we ask “How big is Parker?” and can also pat his stomach when we ask where his belly is, stick out his tongue when prompted, and roar when we ask him what sound a lion makes. Parker has been communicating using the sign for “more” (tapping fingers together in front of oneself). It took us a while to figure out what he was doing as we thought he was clapping at first! Now he readily signs “more” , especially when eating graham crackers or ice cream!

Milestones: Parker has finally started crawling! This is very backwards as he has been walking since 12 months old. Parker could do an army crawl, but just recently started crawling on all fours. He still prefers walking and has gotten really good at pulling himself up to a standing position and bending down to pick things up. Cognitively, Parker is making huge developmental leaps every day. He is soaking up language and vocabulary and surprises us all the time with what he knows. Soon after he turned thirteen months, Max was reading him a book and when they flipped to the page with a picture of the mother, Parker pointed over at me! We have another book with a Mama bird that talks, and when we read the word “Mama” Parker will look for me. We expect his vocabulary for word comprehension is in the few dozens (he understands the words eat, milk, outside, moon, clock, airplane, letters, numbers, light, car, and fan just to name a few). Parker’s spoken vocabulary, however, is holding at lasagna, gorilla, and vanilla. He seems to prefer multi-syllable, obscure words, ha! Parker will also repeat “bye bye” when we say it.

Firsts: Parker attended his first rodeo for his GiGi’s birthday! He had his first donut (yum!), first babysitter outside of family when Mama and Dada did a date-night, and first over-nights without us when we flew to Alabama!

Happy summertime, PCK!

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