Parker Campbell, 11 Months

Height: 30 inches

Weight: 19+ lbs.

Hair: Getting longer! We sometimes have a little curl in the back!

Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Size 3

Clothes: 12-month

Health: We have a healthy little man! Parker has not yet even had a fever in all his eleven months!

Sleep: Parker is the most awesome little sleeper once again! Nighttime sleep is from 8:00ish to 7:30ish, plus Parker takes a morning and afternoon nap. He goes down to sleep without so much as a peep!     

Diet: We have pretty much eliminated purees; Parker simply prefers real foods! Breakfast is oatmeal or yogurt with toast or waffles and fruit. Lunch is usually leftovers, or else I’ll whip up something like grilled cheese with a veggie and fruit. Dinner for the most part is whatever Max and I are eating! Parker’s favorites right now are Cheesy Pasta with Broccoli and Chicken, Pineapple Ground Turkey Rice Bowls, and sneaking bites of mommy’s sandwiches. He also can’t get enough blackberries or sweet potatoes.

We do bust out the baby food packets when we go out for meals though. They are super handy and convenient plus Parker finally got the hang of slurping the food straight from the packets.

Parker is still nursing three or four times a day.

New Experiences: Swinging at the park, and giving and receiving valentines for his very first Valentine’s Day.

Likes: Parker enjoys books of all kinds, especially touch-and-feel books and flip-up books! He loves to turn the pages, and will want to flip through the same book over and over and over again! He seriously could turn pages all day long. Parker also loves knocking down towers of blocks, pressing any kind of button or switch, practicing to walk holding onto our hands and watching ceiling fans (especially the ginormous ones at Costco).

Firsts: We flew our very first Mommy & Parker only flights! Little man and I went to California and he was the best mini traveler!

Social: Parker continues to tilt his head back and forth when he’s happy or having fun. He is waving all the time now. We’ll be walking through Target or Safeway and little man will be sitting in the shopping cart waving at everyone he sees! It’s darling! He’s also started clapping. At dinner one night last week, he literally clapped after each and every bite!

Milestones: Scooting! Right after he turned 10 months, Parker finally started moving around on his tummy! He’s not exactly crawling, but he can definitely get across the room when he wants to!

Dear Parker,
You are one month away from turning one year old! Sweet man, you are so much fun! Mealtime with you is a hoot! You are very into feeding yourself (which makes a hot mess of the entire kitchen) and get very excited about your food (you loooove to eat). You continue to be curious about everything. On our neighborhood walks you just look around and take everything in (you are especially interested in street signs and will turn backwards to continue to look at them). You have been extra interested in the aquarium this month and like to stand on the couch and move from side to side “chasing” the fish. In the bath, you are fascinated by the faucet and put your little index finger right up to it after the water stops to explore. When the faucet is on, you prefer to stick your whole face under the running water, being the little fish that you are (you actually just want to spend your bath time kicking and splashing on your tummy which makes it very difficult to bathe you!). Little man, it was just you and mommy for about a week and a half this month when daddy left on business travel. We kept busy with our weekly music class, trips to Tiny Tot Time at the library, Boys Club and lunch dates (we have officially stopped Mommy & Me Yoga because you are a wiggle worm now and prefer to move about!). We Facetimed with daddy while he was gone and you were so excited to greet daddy at the airport when we picked him up! You love rough housing with your daddy and you give him your best giggles. You continue to be the sweetest little baby and I love our snuggle time in the mornings when we read and play in bed. Parker, we are so lucky to have you as our son! You are your own little person and watching you learn and grow is the most amazing thing.

Love, Your Proud Parents

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