Mommy Brain. For Real.

Last night I took a pyrex baking dish with roasted squash out of the oven and placed it on the stove. I was finishing dinner while Max was already feeding Parker over at his high chair. Placing a dish on the stove wouldn't have been a big deal, except that I had left the stove on after sautéing some shrimp and removing the pan. So onto the extremely hot stove top the dish went, and some seconds later bang. If you've ever wondered what happens to a non-pyrex glass dish when heated instantly to thousands of degrees, I will tell you: it explodes. Literally. Glass shards flew everywhere, covering all the countertops and even making their way all the way over to the den. Luckily, we were on the side of the kitchen that was shielded so no one was hit by glass. Why would someone leave a stove top on? Mommy brain. It's for real. After suffering through pregnancy brain, I thought I'd regain full mental capacity once baby was born, but mommy brain is just as bad. I routinely forget common English words. Last month I received our Christmas card to our pediatrician back in the mail because I had addressed it to a dentist's office. Y'all, it wasn't even the dentist we go to. And just before sitting down to type this, I walked into our bedroom to grab the baby monitor and instead came back with the mail key. I'm not sure how long Mommy Brain lasts... maybe I will accidentally wear slippers to Parker's high school graduation? In the meantime, I'll just get used to an eclectic life. Orange juice in my cereal and all.


  1. Oh no! Glad everyone is okay! That happened to me once but the Pyrex actually broke coming out of the oven. And yes, mommy brain is definitely the real deal. :)

  2. Glad everyone is ok!!! My SIL said after she had her kids she would forget stuff all the time.


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