Breakfast - A Moment in Time

Our morning routine is pretty consistent these days. Parker wakes up around 7:30am and Max goes upstairs to get him and have some Daddy/Parker time. He brings Parker downstairs to our room and I nurse Parker in bed and we say bye to Daddy. After he finishes nursing, Parker and I play and read books in bed. He plays on the floor while I make the bed, then we head out to the kitchen in our pajamas. Parker plays or snacks in his high chair while I make breakfast. On this morning, he was munching on some cheerios while I prepared his yogurt, fruit and waffles. Looking over across the counter at him, I started thinking about what a normal morning it was, yet how it (and he) won't look like this for long. I just wanted to freeze the moment, so I grabbed the SLR and snapped away! 

I wanted to remember little man's big, expressive eyes, 

His little curl of hair behind his ear, 

The fact that he always eats with his left hand,

And just his all-around sweetness. Breakfast with my 11-month old. Love.

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