WILW, The Cheer-Me-Up Edition

So I spent the afternoon attempting to pack my classroom:
I say attempt, because I up and left the room after accidentally putting on some Death Cab For Cutie, not thinking ahead that the combination of super sad music and a super sad situation might make me just that (super sad). This is the third classroom I've had to pack up since 2009, and while I know there's nothing I can do about it (it's simply district seniority rules working against me) it doesn't make it any easier. 

So what's a sad girl to do? Go to Target of course : ) I've been loving my Sally Hansen nail stickers (they stay on for-ever): 

So I picked up some more! 

And after some nice Target retail therapy I was all ready to make dinner for the hubs, which we ate outside in the backyard picnic-style. I'm so loving sweet relaxing evenings outdoors like this one! 

And even with my mixed emotions, I know that the count-down is on: 5 1/2 more days of school until summer! We'll be spending our last days in Room 127 learning about the ocean via cute crafts like this one. I'm loving that we get to end with my very favorite unit! 

I also get to end the school year spending my days with the most amazing teammates ever! 

How sunshiny wonderful is this Brighton necklace they gave me as a going away present? 

It's so true that counting your blessings is such a great way to combat the blues : )


  1. I completely feel for you. I am moving from one of the best schools in the state to move closer to my future husband. I LOVE my job, but I won't be teaching at all next year. My first attempt to clean out my closets was one of the saddest things I have ever done. good luck! I can't imagine changing that much! Will you be in the same grade level next year?

  2. I've seen the sally hansen nail stickers before, but didn't want to spend $10 for them if the would just peel off in a day or two! It's nice to know they stay on for a decent amount of time! :)



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