Bachelorette Monday!

This past Monday was the season premiere of The Bachelorette! I celebrated by hosting a big screen viewing for the teachers, plus desserts inspired by all things bachelorette. 

True story: when I wanted to make my cute little card labels, Max was out of town so I couldn't print them. I know how to work our black and white laser printer, but not the color photo one. I know that sounds ridiculous, but this is our color printer: 

It takes a Ph.D. from Stanford to work it. Literally. Anyway, I put all my Bachelorette Emily photos onto a memory stick to print out at Kinko's. When I got there, the only way to do it was to give up my memory stick to the worker behind the counter, who printed them for me. She was very confused and kept asking if I knew Emily, whose picture I wanted printed repeatedly. I kept saying no, and the worker kept giving me stranger and stranger looks. I'm sure she thought I was some sort of reality show stalker. I think I'll be staying away from Kinko's for a while. 

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