WILW, Random Edition!

I'm loving these super bright happy shoes my sweet mom sent me! I was so excited to see a Zappo's box waiting for me when I arrived home! 

I'm loving that I got to watch my first solar eclipse this weekend! I took this photo with my iPhone through Max's welding helmet : )

Max took some fancy photos of it, too. 

I'm loving making end-of-the-year gifts. I put together these guys for my wonderful teammates. 

I'm loving the new season of The Bachelorette! I'm not agreeing with the Bachelorette's decisions, though. I was sad to see Biology Teacher go, and I think Date #1 should have gotten the boot. Race Car Driver is at the top of my list now. And, this week I once again had way too much fun making Bachelorette themed snacks : )

I'm loving these yummy bars I picked up on sale at the grocery store. Perfect for the 108 degree heat we had yesterday! 

Finally, I'm loving that we finally picked out (and purchased!) patio furniture! It will be delivered this weekend! Plus, the weather is kindly promising mild highs of 84 degrees for the occasion. Oh, happy day! 
What are you loving??


  1. I love that Starbucks gift idea! Adorable! Also love your Bachelorette snacks! The race car driver is definitely in my Top 3!!

  2. I love the racecar guy too! I wasn't too impressed by Date #2 so I'm glad she got rid of him. I'm not wowed by Date #1 though either...

  3. LOVE the shoes and the starbucks gift idea is so cute! love your blog!


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