I would love to be able to start sentences like this: Traditionally, Max and I do ____ and _____ every year... but being a young couple, we simply haven't been together long enough to have traditions. Instead, we get the exciting opportunity to create those traditions : ) Last year we celebrated our first Christmastime as husband and wife by going downtown to see Ballet Arizona's production of the Nutcracker. We again went this year so we have a baby tradition, or, a tradition in the making, if you will. I love the ballet, the costumes and the ballerinas en pointe, however I must say that I also have so much fun watching the fashion show that is the audience. It's so neat to see couples all decked out, and the little ones in taffeta and ribbons. There was even a little newborn in a Santa outfit. As per our baby tradition (or, just like last year), we took a photo in front of the Symphony Hall tree:

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