Space, the Final Frontier

This was our second year attending Max's holiday work party as husband and wife : ) The novelty of being a married couple hasn't worn off yet - I still just love being introduced as Max's wife! Last year the party was held at the Phoenix Science Museum, and this year the party was at the Challenger Space Center in Peoria (a city just West of Phoenix, but since everything in this metropolitan area just runs together you can't really tell when you're leaving one city and arriving in the next). Every year there is some sort of competition. This year being at the Space Center, the challenge was to create a heat barrier that would be tested by a torch (a spin off of the heat shields that are needed on the shuttles):

They had the Space Center employees test the entrees in front of everyone which was neat to watch (especially the ones that caught on fire right away!). We didn't enter a heat shield as work has been crazy for both of us (me still acclimating to the new position and Max having lots of deadlines as of late, one causing him to stay at work for a straight 38 hours this past week!). Max had wanted to create something out of fiberglass and wouldn't you know - a fiberglass design made it to the winners circle! There's always next year : )

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