Introducing... Pepper!

My husband takes really good care of his things. Because if this, he still has the car he was given when he turned 16:

Max is now 28, which makes his car 12. It's been very good to him, following him over the years as he has resided in four different states and on two different coasts. You can probably tell by the above photo that he loves it a lot. Despite this, we recently decided it was time for an upgrade.

P.F. Changs agreed:

We debated getting something small and sporty for Max to drive, but realized that would leave us with two small cars. We had been using the 4Runner to haul drywall, computer racks, desks, ladders, christmas trees (the list goes on), so really, it made most sense to look for another SUV. If you know my husband, you know he loves a deal, so we looked at everything from hail damaged (and repaired) to pre-owned, and from Car Max to the dealerships just down the road, all in search of the best prices possible. We came very close to purchasing a 2008 X5 like this one:
However, it was sold to someone else while we were test driving it. Oh, the disappointment. It turned out to be for the best as Max soon after found his true love: the Cayenne S! Meet Pepper:

Get it? Like a Cayenne Pepper? It's so the car for my engineer - everything on it has been seriously thought out. The windshield wipers sense water and adjust accordingly, and the car itself links to our home automation system so by pressing these buttons inside the car, we can open the garage door and turn on the lights in the house:

It also fulfills the "sporty" requirement having almost 400 horse power (being a girl I don't really keep track of things like horse power, but I know that's a lot). I personally really like the heated seats - they're like hot chocolate for your whole body! As sad as I am about Max's upcoming European business trip, I am excited to drive the Pepper while he's gone : )

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