Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Well, not in Phoenix of course. Max and I had the air conditioner on in the car as we drove around Christmas shopping yesterday. The weather in the UK, however, is a different story. We woke up yesterday to the news that Heathrow (the area's busiest airport) was closed due to weather:

This wouldn't make any difference to us out in Arizona, except that Max was supposed to be flying in there last night for a business trip. After 56 calls to British Airways (the iPhone counted, not us) Max finally got through only to wait for over 2 hours to actually talk to someone who verified that yes, his flight had been cancelled, and no, they couldn't get him on another flight that left anytime soon. After many more phone calls and many more hours, my super sleuth of a husband finagled a last-minute ticket on Continental that would bring him in to Birmingham, England, instead of London. This flight, however, is not direct. He would have a layover at Newark. This seemed especially appropriate as we had just seen Newark mentioned on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. They were reporting on a recent list of U.S. airports and claimed that "Newark has been named the worst - not the worst airport, just the worst." (This is probably funnier coming out of the mouth of SNL's Seth Meyer.) This morning as we watched the news before Max's 7:45AM flight, the big story was "Thousands Stranded In England" - it was a bit bizarre to be sending my hubby off to a country that has stranded a bunch of people! I'm thinking happy thoughts that the sun will soon shine over England again : )

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