My First Power Tool

Yes, I am the proud owner of a power tool. I could barely contain my excitement at the Home Depot when we were buying it:

Partly because it came with its own carrying case - just like a purse! (I think that's the girl in me speaking.) Anyway, this all came about when I attempted to sand one of my old tables in hopes of repainting it something fun:

That was about all I could do before giving up. Sanding by hand is just not fun. Enter my new DeWalt Orbit Sander. Ooohhhh. Ahhhh. Actually, it took me a few days to even attempt to use it. Max had warned me that power tools lop off limbs. Eek. And although I'm fairly certain no one has lost a limb due to a sander, I was sufficiently scared. Being slightly nervous was probably a good thing though as I tend to be clumsy and need all the safety help I can get. Once my little guy was plugged in, I couldn't believe the area he could cover so quickly!

If I were reviewing the sander, I would say that it's easy to attach the sandpaper strips and that I like the dust catch feature. I can't use it for too long before my hands get really sore but I think that's standard for any electric sander. All in all, I'm having way too much fun. Now it's on to choose the colors for the table!

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