Bi-Continental Indeed

You've heard of being bi-coastal? Those crazy people who split their lives between say, New York City and L.A.? Well, I just realized that my husband, who is now averaging one 1-2 week European business trip per month, can be described as bi-continental. Some months (like this one) he is actually on the other side of the Atlantic more days than he is here on this side. I honestly don't know how he does it. It took me the full suggested 8 days (one per every hour time difference) to recover when we got back from London (and that wasn't work - it was vacation!). By that time, my hubby was already on a plane back to England! He's completely amazing to me, and while of course I'd rather have him here (and am hoping that this bi-continental thing ends sooner rather than later), it makes me incredibly happy to see him doing so well at work. Yay, Dr. International!

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