French Polynesia Love

Neither Max nor I think that we'll ever visit a place that we love as much as we loved Bora Bora. For us, it was the perfect paradise - from the amazing turquoise water, to the breathtaking sea life to the beautiful tropical plants, we never wanted our honeymoon to end. So when we can get just a little bit of Bora Bora here in Scottsdale, we eat it right up. First were the bougainvilleas that we (well, mostly me) adored on the island:

...that we later found in the backyard of our rental house! They're actually all over the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and we have several bushes at the new house, too! They are the perfect color of pink:

Most recently, Max and I found this little cutie on a random trip to Lowes:

It's a coconut palm! Similar to this one that Max spotted growing in the Bora Bora sand:

We're hoping that we can keep it alive as it's not a typical house plant. I read that potted palms won't ever produce coconuts, but as they're my favorite treat, I'm doing some wishful thinking : )

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