Time to Give Thanks

It's a bit early to be thinking of Thanksgiving being September and all, but I'm getting a jump start by giving thanks for the things that are making me happy today:

1. My Starbucks cold beverage cup from last Christmas:

I seriously use this every day (thanks, mom!). It's perfect for Pilates and Bar Class because I can take a quick sip of water without having to worry about twisting or untwisting a cap, and equally perfect for a protein smoothie on the go - or in the backyard : )

2. English chocolates from my hubby:

I love of course that he was thinking of me on his business trip, but I love, love, love the chocolates you can't find here in the U.S. like butter biscuit and cornflake.

3. Speaking of my hubby, I'm thankful to have him home for the next three nights in a row, and just plain thankful for him in general.

*Picture taken on our honeymoon, but he looks so cute it in I just had to post it.

4. The surprise Stargate Universe that was recorded on our DVR last night! I just saw it on the "recorded" list today! Yes, Max and I watch Stargate Universe. Yes, it's on the Syfy channel. Don't judge. We're not "with it" enough to be following the popular shows like this Glee. Anyway, it looks like the season has started back up again so we can resume our once weekly dinner upstairs in the theatre room while being nerds ; )


  1. The chocolates can be found at World Market or in high end grocery stores in the international aisle. They are made in Germany, so look in German food area

  2. Good to know! (Especially since all the butter biscuit chocolates are now officially gone!)


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