Sister Graduates!

My youngest sister, Michelle, is a college graduate!!

Our little family flew out to California Memorial Day weekend so we could catch Michelle's San Jose State University graduation ceremony. Parker loves graduations - the robes, the calling out of the names, everything! He always points out the regalia and proclaims that he'll get the puffy hat one day when he's a Ph.D. :) 

We had the perfect seats to view our graduate, and she spotted us as she walked in, too! The ceremony was held at SJSU's outdoor stadium. True to the Bay Area weather, we were shivering when we arrived and sweaty and sunburned when we left (but really, Silicon Valley, I heart you forever).

There was a beach ball on the field at one point during the ceremony, and Parker (being the lover of all things sports and balls) had many questions about it. How did it get there? What were they doing with it? We tried to explain that the graduates are all very happy and excited, and they sneak in the deflated beach balls because they are small, then blow them up and toss them around to cause some shenanigans. Ten minutes later, he asked When we get back home, can you call my name like I'm graduating and I'm going to sneak in a beach ball to cause some shenanigans? He's already planning ahead ;) 

Sister graduated with a B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development, which is very fitting because she and her husband have a baby on the way! 

Michelle and her cheering section:

Mother of the Graduate:

Her Alabama fans:

We followed up the ceremony with a fun celebratory BBQ with family.

We just love our graduate!



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