Friday Faves - Beach Edition

We kicked off May with a trip to Cape San Blas, Florida, and today I'm sharing all my favorites from our week on the beach! Cape San Blas was the perfect sleepy little beach community - it boasted a whopping three restaurants and one "trading post"/general store that also housed a teeny, tiny donut stand (where we picked up hot, freshly made donuts that I'm still dreaming about). We loved the emptiness of the beach- when going away on vacay we kind of look for the opposite of a crowd or a scene - and that's exactly what we got! Here are the items I couldn't have done the week without... 

Y'all this cover-up is my top favorite. It's the perfect weight, material, and length - and because it's Lilly it comes in amazing colors and gorgeous prints. Also, let's stop for a minute and admire the tassels.

Those tassels held up to a machine wash after we returned from the beach (I just air dried post-wash). I was worried they wouldn't look the same, but they're still perfect. 

This tunic had me covered walking out to the beach, as well as for mid-day runs to the local restaurant for baskets of fried seafood goodness for lunch. The cover-up was darling and comfortable, and it's going to be perfect at the pool this summer as well. 


I picked up several different sunscreens for our trip, and this one was by far my favorite. I love a spray (so easy!) and the scent was fantastic! Their kids version was my top pick for Parker. 

A beach read : The Husband's Secret

I started and finished this book, another Liane Moriarty read, while we were in Florida. I love her formula of crime/murder-mystry while jumping from character to character for different perspectives. What I really wanted to take with me, though, was this new release by Paula Hawkins. Alas, my library hold had not come up yet! I'm still waiting (not so patiently) and every so often I'm this close to ordering it from Amazon! 

I toted my book in my old straw beach bag which was on its last leg and has since been tossed. This was actually fine by me because all the new ones available out there are so bright and colorful!! I'm swooning over the pom adorned one above, but the tassel trend is so much fun too. The two totes below are super similar, but can you spot that one is a splurge and one is a steal? Click to see if you're correct!

Graphic Tees!

 Sunnies | Tee | Shorts | Sandals

Old Navy has the best selection of graphic tees right now, and for a fraction of the price you'd find elsewhere. I loved them with J.Crew shorts for post-beach/pool lounging inside the house.


Our sweet Nashville friends (whom we shared the beach house and vacay with) discovered these awesome vacuum lined tumblers (they actually gifted me mine way back in the fall to keep my coffee hot after hearing about how I'd microwave my morning cup fifty times while trying to drink it). These babies were perfect for PiƱa Coladas - like kept them super cold all. day. long. The cups really are amazing - you totally need to see for yourself! Our friends also brought along these straws for the trip. I loved that they were super soft (so they didn't accidently poke anyone) and they color coded the drinks so we always knew whose was whose.

Happy beach days! What are your must-haves for visiting the coast?



  1. You are so right, that Lilly beach cover up is the cutest!! We just came home from the beach too and I'm scheming on how to get back as quickly as possible. Happy Friday!!!

  2. That cover up looks so pretty on you! That book sounds very good - I'll have to check it out! Happy Friday!

  3. I need that beach por favor shirt for my Mexico trip next year! I am intrigued by the book that you read on vacation. Also I LOVE your cover up. I need to get my hands on one. Have a great weekend!

  4. That beach cover up is so gorgeous! I'm obsessed with tassles and poms right now! They are just so colorful and perfect for summer! OK, we are heading to the beach in a couple of weeks and I NEED that Old Navy tee. They don't have it online anymore, but I'm going to go to my store and see if there are any left. SO CUTE!

  5. I love that cover up; it is just so fun! I'm also a huge fan of Old Navy tees, you just can't beat the price! It looks like you had a wonderful vacay!

  6. Sounds like a great vacation! Love the graphic tees and that cover up is adorable. :)


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