Happy Summer!

Wednesday was Summer Solstice and the first official day of summer, though for us we've been in summer mode for awhile now :) Today I'm sharing our favorite things to do this time of year. Welcome to Summer in The South!

1. The Pool!

When we lived in Scottsdale, it was almost impossible to find a house that didn't have a pool in the backyard. Here in Alabama, it's the opposite. Very, very few homes have pools. The thing to do here? Belong to a neighborhood pool! This is our third summer as members at our neighborhood pool, and while I do miss having one in our own backyard, I love the community aspect for the weekdays when Sweet P and I are on our own. I never took him in our backyard pool alone (for safety reasons), but our neighborhood pool comes with lifeguards, so we hit it up all the time just us two. It's also social time for both of us (Parker can play with friends and I get to talk to the other mommies). It's fun to do playdates and invite friends from other pools, or visit the different ones around town where we know members. Also, lunch at the pool = no kitchen clean up! #andallthemamassaidamen

Sweet P did swim lessons all last week at our neighborhood pool. He had the same instructor (from the pool's swim team) as he did last year, but he still started off the week a bit apprehensive about the water.

Little Man worked hard and was putting his head in and gliding by the end of the week. Go, P!

Also, this is how we (literally) roll to the pool:

Parker likes that he gets to ride in the wagon, and Mama likes that she gets in her steps ;)

2. Downtown

We've been enjoying some gorgeous weather here in Huntsville, and on the cool days, walks to downtown are a must for  Parker and me!

The heart of downtown (the town square) is a good 20 minute walk from our house, so it's great exercise and even better scenery. Parker loves to ride in the stroller and hop out to push the crosswalk buttons (he's especially enamored with the "talking" ones). 

Plus we usually pick up a treat or two ;) Our current downtown fave is the new Honest Coffee Roasters on Clinton Row. 

I never say no to a cappuccino, and Parker and I are both fans of the Acai Bowls!

There's always something going on downtown - right now, there are artsy pianos stationed about. A certain four year old walked right up to this one and started playing Beethoven :)

Also, for the next few weeks you'll find The Downtown Open (putt putt mini golf stations scattered around the square). Stay quirky, Huntsville!

3. Bowling

Our local AMF bowling alley offers a summer special where, for a very discounted flat fee, you get three games every single day during the summer. We signed up for the summer package last year and had a blast. I even own my own shoes and bowling ball, now! The deal pays for itself after the first few visits, so it was an awesome "free" activity after that. We've only made it once so far this summer, but our passes are just begging to be used more! Bowling is also the perfect answer to a stormy summer day ;)

 4. Tee Ball

This is our second year doing summer league tee ball. There is a spring season as well, but I really prefer the summer games and practices as an activity for when school is out. It provides a bit of consistency in the openness of summer. Spring is just a bit busy and rushed, and I feel in the summer we can really relax and enjoy it.

We have a little Marlin this year!

5. Music in the Park

Possibly my favorite summer activity - every Monday evening we walk over to Big Spring Park, hit up the food trucks and enjoy that night's Concert in the Park. Parker dances his heart out, and I get a break from making dinner. Score.

How do you summer in your neck of the woods?


  1. I had never seen or even heard of painted pianos until our recent Denver trip + it looks like Huntsville has them too! I love it!

    On another note, did I see a Fitbit on your wrist? I just recently got one and I think it's awesome!

    Have a great weekend! =)

    1. It's the Apple watch - but I wanted it mostly for the Fitbit type activity-counter features :) I just took it in the pool for the first time and was floored it really tracked the laps! Though it said I was doing backstroke when I was doing breaststroke, lol...

  2. So many fun things to do! All of it sounds amazing! We have outdoor concerts here in our city as well and it's one of our favorite things to do during the spring and fall!

  3. Yay for all the summer fun! It looks like you all are maximizing every moment!

  4. Seriously I'm in love with Huntsville now. You totally have me sold on community pools, walks to downtown and all the fun festivities!!!


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