Ten on Tuesday

Summer has officially started here in Alabama! Our neighborhood pool opened last week, and Parker had his last day of preschool!

Nine months ago, Parker had never been in any sort of program or activity without me. Here's our brave little then three-year-old last August:

And now, he's writing his name (and the rest of the alphabet), counting well into the several hundreds (and also by 2's, 5's and 10's), reading short books, speaking un poquito Español, and playing with others! Most importantly, he loved his outdoor school (especially the creek and garden, and feeding the goats). We are so proud of Parker's hard work this year. Look how much our four-year-old has grown!

With teacher's assistants, specials (Spanish, Art, etc.), and Piano, we had ten teacher gifts to hand out as end-of-year thank-yous. I wanted something thoughtful and special, but also cost-friendly since we had so many to do. I ended up purchasing cute wooden spoons from Hobby Lobby and having husby laser engrave names on the handles. Personalized and precious!

I just added boxed baking mixes, sweet tags, and gift cards in varying amounts. Parker loved handing them out!

He also completed an "All About My Teacher" form like this one for his main preschool teacher. Usually these are done for parents, but Parker's teacher got a kick out of it!

 These sandals have been my jam in this feels like summer weather. Colorful tassels for the win!

And I've been alternating with these slip-ons.

My library hold came up for this book and I raced there to check it out as soon as I found out! Is anyone else reading it? I enjoyed Girl on the Train, so I have high hopes for this recent release from Paula Hawkins.

Kevin Kwan's latest also just came out!! I reviewed his first book, Crazy Rich Asians, here. I said it was "US Weekly meets the Shopaholic books, meets Vogue magazine - all set in Singapore, with a touch of Silicon Valley thrown in (which of course makes my heart smile)." I'm way excited for Rich People Problems!

I'm still obsessed with this show:

And all sorts of stoked that it's returning in 2018 for Season 2!

Cheesecake Filled Banana Bread. I mean, do I have to say more? 

It's a Tasty brand recipe (found here). Parker loves watching the time-lapse videos that accompany the recipes :) If you're looking for something new and fun to make, give it a whirl! Parker and I are happy we did!

Peony season is ending. Insert all the frowns.

We enjoyed them while they lasted, though!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. OH my WORD, those teacher gifts!! That is so awesome that your hubs can laser letters into wood like that!! I would be in big trouble if we could do that! You could open an Etsy shop!

    1. Awww, thank you so much! He came up with the idea all by himself at Christmastime and made monogrammed spatulas for all the ladies as stocking stuffers! 🎄

  2. I love that you had him fill out one of those questionnaire's about his teacher! I bet that made her feel really special! And I thought about subscribing to Hulu just for The Handmaid's Tale but I've already got Netflix and Amazon Prime video--I don't think I have time for anything else haha!

  3. I love those tassel sandals! Also both those books are on my to-read list! I've been really into thrillers lately so I am about to start Behind Closed Doors. Also, I really want to watch A Handmade's Tale, but I don't have Hulu, it looks so interesting!

    1. Behind Closed Doors was one of my favorites from this year - SO twisted and scary!! 🙈


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