Five on Friday

This week, Parker and I finally ventured the 2.3 miles from our house over to Lowe Mill, the former textile mill that now houses tons of local artists (including culinary ones!). I had doubted whether I was trendy or hipster enough to go in, but everyone was actually super friendly and welcoming. First stop, chocolate:

Cardamom, chicory, earl grey tea... these were no ordinary truffle flavors. Now I'm obsessed, and determined to sample each and every flavor. 

And the Alabama truffle? All. the. heart. eyes.

Next up - the most adorable coffee shop: Alchemy Lounge. Come summer I'm going to be all over the cold brew coffee on tap! But since it was March, I ordered my go-to coffee shop drink (a cappuccino).

 I loved their system of using playing cards to identify your drink at the counter :) 

And my cappuccino? Straight up amazing. 


Parker was stoked to find a "play for free" Pac-Man arcade game right outside the coffee shop.

He would have played all day long. 

I was able to entice him away with the promise of the popsicle shop down the hall.

Rainbow was the flavor of choice :)

Lowe Mill, we'll be back!

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! I couldn't help but order just one more St. Patty's day book this week...


Also, how cute would this sweatshirt be for the holiday?

And finally, these pancakes are the perfect St. Patrick's Day breakfast!

I love having fun shows streaming on my computer during the day while I'm doing housework and Parker is napping (I mostly just listen to them). I played an episode of the new Netflix series The Santa Clarita Diet while doing laundry a few weeks ago, and it was the perfect silly entertainment to have on! I adore Drew Barrymore - she always seems to play quirky, endearing characters, and this show was no exception (I'm almost done with the first season!). Technically, it's a zombie show (um... never thought I'd watch one of those), but trust me, watch the first one and you'll be hooked.

It's been a couple weeks now since I began using the probiotic Columbia skincare products I was sent to try out. I was provided with both the cream and the serum, but the serum is hands-down my favorite. I love the medicine dropper top, and that I can quickly and easily apply it.

The cream is super, super thick, so I like applying it at night and letting it do its thing :) Husby of course makes fun of me for putting probiotics on my face, but I'll be doing the laughing when I look twenty-five again ;) 

According to the literature, you should be able to see a difference in just four days, so I took (makeup free, eeks!) pictures on Day 1 and Day 4 to see for myself. I tried to take the photos in the same room with the same lighting (and no filters). For just four days of use here, I totally think I can see a positive difference :)


I had a Junior League event this week and picked up this mini bouquet from Whole Foods for the hostess - but I was this close to just keeping it for myself! The decorative cabbage just put it over the top for me, and with a price tag of just nine dollars it was a steal. I popped the arrangement into a mason jar and tied on a bow of twine, and it was twelve kinds of adorable. I think Whole Foods is officially moving into my number one spot for flowers over Costco!


  1. Zombie shows and living in Alabama? I bet you didn't imagine that years ago! :) I love Whole Foods for flowers and wish we had one close to us. Fun fact: the florist for my wedding was from Whole Foods!

    1. Oh my goodness gracious, you are totally right!! Also - I had no idea WF does arrangements for events! Love this!! They have seriously swooped into my #1 spot (sorry, Costco)

  2. Oh my WORD, love your pics of your day out with your son. And those truffles? I want to reach into my computer and eat them. If only it worked that way. ;) I'd seen the ad for the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix and thought maybe it wasn't for me, but I'm a sucker for Drew Barrymore too, and for having something a little mindless on while I fold laundry. Excited to check it out!
    Have a happy Friday!

  3. Lowe Mill sounds so cool, those chocolates are almost too pretty to eat and that cappuccino looks amazing! Have a great weekend!

  4. It looks like you had an amazing day out with your son. Such a fun place to visit!
    My husband and I watched Santa Clarita Diet from start to finish in a week. It was so funny!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Oh those truffles!!! And the rainbow pancakes are such a cute idea!

  6. I love Whole Foods flowers! That arrangement is adorable, and so are those pancakes! I'll have to whip some up for my daughter next week!

  7. That Alabama truffle is the cutest thing! That's fun :)

  8. I want to get one of those fancy cappuccinos one day! I always see everyone posting those pictures on Insta of the pretty froth, and I want one, too! Y'all enjoy your weekend!

  9. That bouquet is so pretty! And that place sounds so neat -- the truffles look amazing!

  10. You are not the only one who is obsessed with earl grey tea. I am also the lover of this tea, you should also try zero tea, tea from Nepali tea traders, and everyday tea. These are also some of the best teas to drink.

  11. I love that cappuccino and earl grey tea. I am obsessed with these two, and also with tiesta tea. I drink all of them everyday.


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