Happy March! Little Man will turn four-years-old this month - I seriously do not know how that happened! Unfortunately, March in Alabama this year came in with a bang - severe weather and a tornado watch. I was actually out brunching with some other moms when we got word that schools in the area would be ending early due to the weather rolling in. It was super comforting to be with other moms (who all have way more tornado experience) when everything went down. 

We were eating at the (yummy) bakery right by P's school, so I hightailed it there and brought him home (all I wanted to do was get us home safe - being out and about in sever weather is one of my worst fears). 

Parker's school had talked that day about "hidy spots" and he wanted to know where ours was, so I channeled my weather fear and Herculesed a full size mattress into the hallway (the best spot in our house to weather tornado warnings since it's interior and windowless). Parker added the pillows ;) By this time, we still hadn't really seen any bad weather, so I went about prepping our dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala) for the crock pot. Max texted around 1pm and told us the weather would be hitting us in 15-20 minutes. I'm so glad he did because at that point, I thought perhaps it had just missed us (I need some practice reading the radar maps). I snuggled up in our bed with Parker and told him we could watch a movie - so to him, it was the best day ever. We started streaming Finding Dory on my laptop - Parker's third movie ever (Finding Nemo and The Polar Express were his other two). It's times like these that make me so happy we reserve movies for very special occasions, because P was completely mesmerized and it let me take a breath while the weather rolled in... and it did. 

We didn't actually have any tornadoes touch down, but at one point the hail was coming down so hard that we had zero visibility out the window and I was this close to relocating us to the "hidy hole" hallway outside the bedroom door. Max has me trained to know that hail often precedes tornadoes, so I was on high alert. But, true to southern weather norms, twenty minutes later it was clear and sunny outside... go figure. So we hopped in the car and still made it to 4pm piano lessons. While our hail was maybe marble sized, Parker's piano teacher showed us a picture of baseball sized hail at her house! 

Hot and cold, hot and cold... the weather still can't make up its mind. 

We switched out the bookcase for the new month - birthday books, St. Patrick's Day, and spring books too, March is one busy month!

Parker insisted on reading every single St. Patty's Day book right away - this one is a favorite!

Just like last year, Parker wanted to make a St. Patrick's Day rainbow out of Fruit Loops... any excuse to buy Fruit Loops ;)

This was his last year's version:

He looked so much younger making it last year!

And then, what to do with leftover Fruit Loops? Top homemade donuts of course! I just followed the recipe for these baked mini donuts, then instead of a cinnamon sugar topping, I poured on melted white chocolate and sprinkled on Fruit Loops. 

Happy March!


  1. Ah yes, good ol' southern weather. I've lived here all my life and the threat of tornadoes still scares the everloving crap out of me. We had one touch down about a month ago just five miles up the road from us. I was so thankful that we were out of dodge! I still freaked out when the sirens started going off, though. Luckily it was a Saturday so Brian was home, too. If I had been with the kids by myself I might have had a heart attack!

    1. Agreed - it's SO much better when husby is home!! Crossing fingers for both of us this spring :)

  2. I hate to say it, but welcome to the South and the crazy weather it brings! Tornadoes scared the crap out of me. If you do not have a weather radio (not like an app on your phone, but an actual weather radio), please go get one. You can set it to go off in the middle of the night, which is helpful if you are a deep sleeper like I am. Glad everything was okay!

    1. Husby has a real radio and he's definitely used it - I totally need to figure out how it works. We have the sirens and the weather alerts on the phone, but those are only good for actual "warnings" (it's taken me two years to learn the difference between watch and warning, ha!). SO not looking forward to "tornado season" - eeks!

  3. I straight up cringe during some of the scenes in SCD br I can't stop watching!

    And yay for inexpensive, beautiful floral arrangements!

    1. How I managed to comment on the wrong post is beyond me. ������ Ha!


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