Rainbow Pancakes!

Keeping with our March/St. Patrick's Day theme of rainbows, I decided to whip up some rainbow pancakes this weekend. They might just be the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

Since I knew I would be using lots of bowls for all the colors, I kept it simple and used a boxed mix for the batter (verses making them from scratch and dirtying even more dishes). I made the boxed mix batter in a big bowl, then spooned all of the batter evenly into six bowls and added food coloring to each. (And clean-up really wasn't that bad since everything just went into the dishwasher after.)

The secret to cooking colored pancakes is to keep the heat low. If it's too hot, you'll brown your pancakes and won't be able to see the awesome color.

And that color is awesome, am I right? 

I'll be whipping up another batch come breakfast on March 17th - the perfect St. Patrick's Day breakfast! 


  1. So cute! I made these a few years ago and I forgot how adorable they are :)

  2. Mande, these are adorable. �� Who got to eat them?

  3. Super CUTE!! I made green Frankenstein pancakes for the kids last Halloween and pink heart pancakes this past Valentines day. Adding color always makes a kid's meal more fun.

  4. The color is so bright and pretty! These almost look too pretty to eat. I will have to try these with Mason soon.

  5. Loving those pancakes. My girls would eat those up in a heartbeat!


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