PCK's Construction Party

Our little man is obsessed with anything construction. Obsessed. If we pass any sort of construction around town (which happens all the time), Parker insists on coming home and "doing some construction." This consists of donning his hard hat and safety vest, and then building something out of blocks. So a few months back when I asked what he wanted his birthday party theme to be, construction was his automatic response. He also wanted a "jumping party", which made things all sorts of easy for this Mama. March is notorious for weird weather in these parts - there was no way to tell if it would be twenty degrees on party day, or seventy (true to form it was both in the week preceding). An indoor (jumping) party was the perfect answer. We chose Pump It Up for the location, and I'm so happy we did! Each Pump It Up is franchised, so they're all slightly different, but the Huntsville location really has these weekend parties down. Party guests have the jump area for one hour, then move to the party room for another forty-five minutes. We had three young gals working the party, taking photos during the jumping, setting up the party room, and basically running everything (doing the cake and candles, announcing present time, even recording the gifts received from each guest). They all went above and beyond, and we were so pleased! At the end of the party, the gals helped pack all our things and then took care of all the clean-up. I mean, really this is the way to do a birthday party! Don't worry, I totally tipped them ;)

Party day was Parker's actual birthday! We brought in our party supplies and then really the gals did the rest and we were free to greet our guests and get our bounce on :) Parker was downright giddy and led the charge into the bounce area, squealing with delight. 

After our hour in the jump area, the Pump It Up gals gathered all the kids for a group photo, and then corralled them into the party room (sanitizing the hands of each little one as he or she passed - I'm telling you, they thought of everything!). 

They did a fantastic job setting everything up!

The kids all chose seats and started munching on their pizza while the gals handed out popcorn and veggie straws. 

It really was the sweetest bunch of kids!

Then it was time for cake! I made vanilla/vanilla cupcakes (Parker's request) with orange sugar cookie number fours on top (the birthday boy's very favorite color).

One of the fantastic Pump It Up gals snapped this picture of Parker blowing out his candles- it was awesome having them do photos because I was just enjoying the moment!

Immediately after singing, my awesome friend Laura grabbed Max's camera and insisted he and I go stand by Parker for a picture - she said parents always forget to do this picture, and she was totally right! Had she not jumped in, we would have totally missed this moment with our little guy, so thank you, Laura!

Then it was present time...

And we ended with Parker handing out his thank you favors!

I made both the invitations and the favor tags using our amazing new color laser printer (honestly, I'm obsessed with it) and my trusty Silhouette Cameo

I had way too much fun making them :) Happy 4th Birthday to our Parker Campbell!


  1. I love the theme - so fun for a little boy!

    1. Thanks so much!! Hobby Lobby had all the cute construction plates and napkins - Parker is having lots of fun with the leftovers, setting the table for dinner with construction napkins each night ;)

  2. The whole party is absolutely adorable and looks like it was so much fun! I love the favors you made; they are perfect!

  3. Stop it right now with those invitations! OMG those are so cute! Our niece and nephew live near Montgomery, AL and they have a Pump it Up there so we have been to MANY birthday parties at that place! It is really cool!


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