Valentine-ing 2017

I couldn't let February slip by without sharing a bit about our Valentine's Day!

Some people make Christmas cookies. We make Valentine cookies :)

This little guy insisted on orange icing for his. #favoritecolor #allthingsorange

P.S. Going shopping at Target for cookie supplies is almost as much fun as making the cookies! (Find my recipe here.)

We wrapped up some cookie singles as well as a few filled mason jars to deliver to neighbors on actual Valentine's Day. I'm telling you - some people are all about Christmas treats, but Valentine's sweets are where it's at ;)

I mean, add some pink and heart shapes to anything and the cuteness goes through the roof.

The morning of the 14th, Parker woke up to heart balloons... lots of heart balloons. 

We had gone to Whole Foods the day before to pick out roses to give to his teachers, and sweet guy insisted on orange, obviously.

Whole Foods had the same deal going as last year - twenty-four roses for $24. In Valentine's prices, that's a steal (and hands-down the best price I found anywhere). I broke down the bunch and wrapped up bundles in craft paper for his teachers as well as the office staff. Parker was so excited to give them out!

He also had these sweet valentines to hand out to his classmates!

While P was at school, I spent my morning at Pilates. Since Parker was bringing roses to his teachers, I figured I'd give a couple to my instructor! She was too sweet to post this on Facebook :)

Parker came home with his stash of Valentines from school (a first for him) and had fun going through them while munching on a Valentine cookie. 

And I love displaying the ones we get in the mail (I save years' past and put them in the pink tub, but it's getting pretty full).

While Parker napped, I put the finishing touches on husby's valentine, a basket of fun brews. 

We stayed in and had a fondue dinner that night - just me and my loves! The picture below was taken about ten seconds before Parker knocked over his champagne flute of milk (good thing he got the plastic and not the crystal).

Hoping your Valentine's Day was just as sweet!


  1. I am so jealous you are near a Whole Foods. I with they would put one up near us. :( And your cookies looked great! I can cook, but baking (and making it look pretty) is not a strength of mine.

    1. The WF actually just opened last year. It's literally 2.1 miles from our house and I go WAY to much (#wholepaycheck). We are missing a Trader Joe's, however, and after living my whole adult life with one always around, I'm in major withdrawal. I linked a post to my sugar cookie recipe - I think they just take practice :)

  2. We did a fondue for an early Valentine's celebration - I love any excuse to pull mine out & put it to good use!

  3. I second Adrienne... I NEED A WHOLE FOODS!!!!


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