Friday Favorites - Valentine's Day Edition

Happy February!! (aka Valentine's month)

 Valentine's Day has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. I was smitten with the day back when I was a bachelorette, hosting pink dinners on February 14th... when I was an elementary school teacher planning thematic centers with heart doilies and sweet treats... even way back to college when my roommates and I took over our entire living room to ice Valentine's Day cookies while sipping pink champagne. Valentine's Day was to me (and still is) a day for flowers and hearts, chocolate and the color pink, and all the love


If you know me, you know I love my chalkboards! This week, I started their Valentine's makeovers.


On February 1st, Parker requested pancakes for breakfast. I couldn't help myself from adding a few drops of red food coloring to make them pink! The secret to colored pancakes is keeping the heat very low - too high and the pancake will brown and you won't be able to see the color. We have these exact heart pancake molds and love them!


I usually keep themed books in the special bookcase in Parker's playroom. In January, it was full of winter and snow books, but after we switched his calendar to February this week, I brought out all our Valentine books!

I wanted to get Parker in on the Valentine's favorites so I asked him about his favorite Valentine book... Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is Cool was the winner!

My favorite for kids is Valentine's Day Is by Gail Gibbons - it goes over the history of Valentine's Day and also explains current traditions. Others on repeat this week include:

Elmo Loves You
(a catchy rhyming book you won't tire of that's perfect for younger children)

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart
(a story of valentine making complete with a how-to instructional page_

Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George
(a fun and playful take on a Valentine party)

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!
(a simple, short board book that features all the characters from the series, perfect for very young ones)


And because I'll use any excuse for gratuitous hearts this time of year - PB & Sprinkles. Just use a heart shaped cookie cookie cutter on a slice of bread to make the hole (and save the heart cut-out for something else!). I serve them on red heart plates (as I do all our meals, all. February. Long.) Mine are from Target from years ago, but these ones look exactly the same and are currently on clearance for a fraction of the price!


Finally, this Le Creuset. All. The. Heart. Eyes. While I can't justify purchasing such an investment item solely on the basis of my favorite holiday, I will be admiring it from afar... because it's both pink and heart shaped! I die.

Happy Love Month!


  1. Girl, you've got ALL of the fun Valentine's Day things going on! I love it!

  2. Oh that dish is dreamy - how fun would that be to display in your kitchen in February???

  3. Such fun touches of the holiday through your day/month. The red plates is a nice touch.

  4. I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day too, and I love all of your suggestions to get in the spirit!

  5. I LOVE your chalkboard, and that heart and sprinkles sandwich. You always come up with the best stuff!

    1. Awww, thank you!!! :) Yours chalkboards are always so clever!

  6. I can't justify the Le Creuset purchased either, but gosh it's so darn cute!

    1. I keep looking it up!! There is a photo of the smaller ones with baked brownies inside, and I'm like "Well, maaaaaybe we could just get the small one - you know, for brownies..."

  7. I've always loved Valentine's Day, too! Pink and hearts - what's not to love?? Your ideas are just too darling! Love them. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  8. It's my favorite holiday and birthday month so I'm right there with you! Also I LOVE That le creuset oh my... so cute.


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