National CSA Day and More!

1. It's national CSA Sign-Up Day!
I only have wonderful things to say about belonging to Community Supported Agriculture. From supporting the surrounding farmers, to learning about and eating new fruits and veggies, to the fun experience of preparing and cooking with all the produce - CSA season is awesome! The above photo was from one of our late spring baskets last year, and I just can't wait to start getting weekly, local produce again. It's an especially fantastic experience to share with little ones! Click here to look for a CSA in your area! 

2. This darling paper floral garland made it into my cart at Target on Monday this week, and since then, I've seen it popping up all over the blogosphere! Yesterday, I saw it styled here and had to recreate the look. Adorbs, no? And it certainly fits the post-Valentine's, pre-March decorating limbo I'm currently experiencing. 

3. Also darling? This original piece by PCK. Watercolor on paper, probably with a few food crumbs sprinkled in. 

 Parker loves arts and crafts, just like his Mama!
(similar letter stamps found here)

 4. Speaking of the little guy, this is us yesterday after touring Parker's new school! Yep, we made it final and registered Sweet P for half-day pre-k, three times a week starting in the fall. He's clutching his confirmation copy, and being so brave! I can tell he was really excited about the school and the classrooms, but also a bit apprehensive - after all, this will be the very first time he's been left anywhere. I'm totally stoked with our decision though - the school is outdoor based and even teaches Spanish and Mandarin! Plus, Parker already won over the teachers with his sweet chitchat, explaining to them that he would be starting in the fall. When they commented that he knew about the seasons, he continued with "It's winter. Next comes spring! The flowers will bloom and the leaves grow on the trees!"
I'm seriously so excited for him to have this experience. Also, even though it's half day, he will be doing lunch there! So of course I'm already searching cute monogram-able options

5. Finally, it's the day!! Fuller House is premiering on Netflix!! I loved the sneak peek from this blogger who's on the Netflix Stream Team. Actually, Fuller House was available starting at midnight, so who knows if I started binge watching the thirteen episodes right away, and if I'm still on a roll???
I actually was asleep well before that, but it's safe to say I'll be on a viewing spree whenever Parker is napping!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. Where did you find the letter stamps? They are so cute and I would love to get them for my daughter.

    1. I linked to similar stamps under the photo! Mine were actually from my classroom days! I've also seen alphabet stamps from time to time at Target's Dollar Spot so also keep an eye out there!

  2. Sending my two-year-old to school was the best thing I ever did for her ("school" being a half-day Parent's Day Out program she attends at a local church twice a week). The change in her has been unbelievable, and my sanity has been restored!

    Also, that Target garland is gorgeous. I have to get one of my own! Happy Friday!

    1. Aww, thanks for the encouragement about pre-school!! :)

  3. I am seeing lots of bloggers with that floral banner and I am just so obsessed! I need it too :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  4. Love the welcome sign!! That floral garland is some kind of genius! :) Happy Friday!


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