Last week, I confessed that I slept in Max's robe the entire time he was out of town on business. I could have also thrown in there that I did so with a big bowl of popcorn propped up next to me and reality television playing on my computer. Thank goodness husby is home ;) This week, I'm linking up to an actual Confessions series. I think the idea is too darling! Here goes...

1. Sometimes it's twenty-something degrees when I need to take the trash out or bring the cans to the curb. Instead of throwing on a coat, I go as-is and pretend I'm in one of those cryogenic chambers like on The Real Housewives. I'm convinced it's doing all sorts of fantastic things for my body and skin.

2. I started going to Pure Barre last fall because I couldn't fit into my pants. I'm not talking about my pre-pregnancy pants. I've deemed those a lost cause; they are boxed and stored up in the attic in the rare instance I contract mono or a really bad stomach flu and miraculously drop three sizes overnight. No, the pants I couldn't zip were from my post-pregnancy, "this is my new size and I'm accepting it" wardrobe. I couldn't fit into those pants. Bad News Bears. I was not about to go out and spend money on a third, bigger wardrobe, so off to Pure Barre I went! 

That's me! Bonus, at PB you get to wear leggings, and those always fit!

3. I only ever drive Max if I'm taking him to or from the airport for International business travel. Other than that, if he's in the car, he's the driver. Even if it's my car (which most of the time, if we're going somewhere as a family, we're in my vehicle because it's not a sports car). I like feeling that I'm being taken care of, plus he's a way better driver. And, he backs my car into the garage after driving it - score for when it's my turn to drive!

4. Since we're still semi-new to our area, I find myself filling out paperwork all the time (new doctors, new dentists, etc.). I cringe whenever I get to the "Occupation" box. As a Stay At Home Mom, just what am I supposed to put down? Homemaker? Housewife? I visited a new optometrist this week, and I swear I almost wrote in "Former Professional Ice Cream Scooper/Retired Teacher" :) Both true, I just didn't have enough space. Maybe next time if the box is bigger.

Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I think you should just write Mommy.....because it sure seems like you are doing a wonderful job at it!!

  2. I love your Former Professional Ice Cream Scooper/Retired Teacher option. I love it. Being a SATH is a heck of a lot harder of a job than most things in life. That is for sure. I hate filling out new patient forms. Ugh. Do you like Barre? I want to try it and need more exercises to lose my post pregnancy weight.

    1. OMG, OBSESSED with Pure Barre. I keep meaning to do a post on it!!

  3. How did you like Pure Barre?! I've been dying to try it but haven't found the time. And I love the Former Professional Ice Cream Scooper/Retired Teacher choice!


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