Friday Five

1. I won't disclose how many heart-shaped cookie cutters I own. It's in the double digits is all I will say. Anyway, they are in constant use over these first two weeks of February, so they are earning their keep. My newest way to use them? As a stencil - exampled here for the granola topping on my breakfast yogurt. Pretty and festive! 

2. I was able to view not one but two new (to me) movies over the weekend on my solo flights to and from Scottsdale. Yep, I left my boys for three nights (for the first time ever!) and visited our old stomping grounds. All the thank-yous to husby for staying home with little man, and exponential thank-yous for sending me First Class (yay for frequent flyer miles). On the way there it was The Intern(and a Bloody Mary... because First Class). I hadn't realized that the premise of this movie was incredibly sad. Once I got past that, though, the rest was humorous and quirky, and I'm pretty much a fan of anything Anne Hathaway does so I enjoyed it.

On the way back, it was Everest(and the sunrise). This was actually a fantastic pick for a flight - lots of action and super interesting. I'd totally recommend it.

The flights themselves were mini vacations for me - a big seat, someone bringing me beverages, and a movie of my choice! I was totally spoiled. February in the desert is the best, so I enjoyed lots of outside time while there, plus a visit to my favorite spa, and a baby shower tea!

Back in Alabama, Max and Parker were enjoying Boy Time. They sent this photo from the Mardi Gras parade on the town square, and I loved how happy they looked!

I returned Monday and got the sweetest, most excited homecoming. Followed by snow. One weather extreme to another. Parker really wanted a snowman, so we made a mini one :)

3. Conversation Hearts. A Valentine must. My first full-day back, Parker and I sorted and made patterns.

4. The next day, we were on to Valentine cookies. 

Parker requested we make M&M cookies, so we used this recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and stirred in mini chocolate chips and Valentine M&Ms. 

I had plans to hand them out to the neighbors, but, um, they are all gone now. 

5. Did anyone try the special Molten Chocolate Latte from Starbucks? 

I'm a sucker for anything festive and exclusive like that (the Molten Chocolate drinks were a limited option for Valentine week only) so of course I had to order one. It was a bit over the top chocolaty (which is saying something coming from me). The whip cream even was a chocolate/coffee whip cream! The drink also boasted melted chocolate chunks, and claimed you would find some pieces at the bottom of your cup (I did). A fun treat, but for someone who normally orders cappuccinos, it was a bit much. 

And finally...
Happy Valentine's Weekend!


  1. those cookies look amazing! ill have needing to make some asap! happy weekend!

  2. Yum, you have me craving cookies now!! Those flights sound like HEAVEN! We flew without kids last year, and it was heaven!!

  3. Those cookies look delicious and I definitely need to try the frap version of that starbucks drink!

  4. How cute are your boys?? Twins!! And yes for first class!! Those two movies are on my list!! Have a happy weekend!!

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time away. I did the same last week and while I was feeling guilty leading up to it, I had a great beach break & my husband and the kids were great! Hard working moms need a break! 😊

  6. Oh my goodness, what a sweet Valentine's Day card! The cookies look pretty yummy! :)

  7. I'm glad you had a great time while you were away! Those cookies look amazing!! Happy belated Valentine's Day!! :)

    Amy @


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