Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Well, it happened again! After our Snow Days last year (our first winter here in Alabama), we were told that snowfall is rare, and that we wouldn't see it happen this year... but we did! We were at the very bottom of the big storm pattern that hit the East Coast this past weekend, so we picked up almost two inches of snow. Combine that with the icy streets, and it was enough to pretty much close down the town. This was just fine by me because days snuggled at home with my boys are the best!

The snow started to fall late in the day on Friday (which, just our luck, was Daddy's day off!). We frolicked around in the flakes until nap time.

Parker was so excited that he literally couldn't nap! When we finally decided he would never fall asleep, we went into his room where he popped up and started talking excitedly all about the snow! This is when I fully appreciated how much he has changed in the past year - last year, he looked out in amazement at the winter wonderland and just said "(S)nooooohhhhh!" This year, as he saw the flakes fall from the window, he explained: "I'm looking at the snow coming down." Full sentences. Boom. Like a ton of bricks, it hit me: I have an almost three-year-old.... who loves, loves, the snow. So we headed out to the front yard where it had begun to build up.

Just like last year, Parker was obsessed with snowballs...

And also snowmen! Daddy was nice enough to build one, and Parker was intent on finding a carrot nose for it. We only had baby carrots in the fridge, which he deemed too small, so he selected and orange pepper instead. We stayed outside until darkness forced us in, with Parker repeating all night "Stay cold, Mr. Snowman!"

The next morning, Parker couldn't wait to get back outside. He was delighted that the snowman was still there.

The roads were a bit icy, but a sweet couple in a hybrid drove by and the woman stopped the car, got out, and offered to take a photo of out little family of three playing in our front yard. 

It made me feel so warm and cozy about the neighborhood.

Parker kept adding snow to Mr. Snowman - so precious.

We hit up the backyard next. 

Snowballs for the win! Parker would have stayed out in the snow all day long.

Luckily, I was able to lure him in with the promise of baking. Little Man loves to help (and taste!) in the kitchen. And a Snow Day just seems like the perfect opportunity to get cozy in the kitchen. We made these blueberry muffins. They have a streusel topping that reminds me exactly of the boxed ones my mom used to make when I was little (that I can't find anymore!). This new recipe was easy to make, we almost always have all the ingredients on hand, and they were terrifically moist and delicious.

It stayed chilly all Sunday, but by this morning Mr. Snowman was barely hanging on...

I swapped out his cookie eyes for some shades so he could greet all the kids on their way to school :)
Yay for Snow Days!


  1. What a perfect little snow day for y'all! Glad y'all had so much fun with it!

  2. LOVE your hat! Looks like you guys had a perfect snowy weekend. We got pretty much dumped on up here, but the snow was too soft to make a snowman. I've been dying to make one with Mila. Now that it's melting, I'm hoping to make one with her one night this week. Experiencing snow with a toddler is just so much fun, isn't it? And those blueberry muffins - yum! Enjoy your week!

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