Photo Art with Minted!

2015 was our first full year in Sweet Home Alabama. What an adventure for our family (and for this California girl!). To commemorate our first year, I wanted a new piece of art for our walls (that, despite having lived in the house for one year, are not quite yet decorated).

Enter Minted! Minted's talented independent artists have a ton of options for unique, amazing, interesting photo gifts. There were so many different directions I could go...

In the end, the state outlines had my heart. This was our third state to have lived in together, so it seemed so appropriate to make a nod to that. I surprised husby with this Alabama print to celebrate our 2015.

I went with the matte gold frame option which is even prettier in person. I just can't even with the cuteness of this piece! It's the perfect addition to our sweet home. Thank you to Minted for our amazing art! Now, to just decide on the perfect place to hang it...


  1. Replies
    1. Awww, thank you!! I'm dying now to make ones for each state we've lived in!

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