North Alabama Railroad Museum - The Santa Train

 Our little man loves trains. Loves, loves, loves. So I was all sorts of ecstatic to discover a historic working railroad just fifteen minutes from our house! We rode it most recently for its annual Santa Train. 

We were greeted by the big guy himself! 

And Parker also got some one-on-one time with "HoHo" where he requested a tennis racquet for Christmas. 

 Riding the train was our advent calendar activity for the day, and Parker held onto the card the entire time. Melt. My. Heart.

Besides seeing Santa, Parker was excited just to board and ride! The train was all decked out for the holidays and felt super festive. 

Afterwards, Parker had loads of fun pretending to be the conductor and giving and taking "tickets" to ride. All in all a successful outing.

 If you are in the Tennessee Valley area and have a little one who loves trains, The North Alabama Railroad Museum is a must!

Back in October, we rode the train for the first time on their Pumpkin Express. 

This ride took us to a little pumpkin patch where all the children were able to select a pumpkin to take back on the train. 

Parker was looking for the one with the longest stem. 

We eventually found a winner.

These pumpkins read: NARM 2015

Sheer fascination. 

And also sheer cuteness.

And a side of sweetness thrown in. 

Choo Choo!


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Odette has started loving trains recently and it's so darn cute :) A visit to the train park is definitely in our future!

  2. We went on the Santa train last year and are going back again on Saturday!! Although we are trying out a different station this year, Ellie couldn't be more excited as she always wants to drive by the trains when we go into town (we have a commuter train station).

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